Media & I.T.

Committee Description:

Jamal E Chapman - Chairperson        

Jamal E Chapman - Chairperson        

The Media & IT committee focuses on enriching and enhancing the technological skills of our members. We strive to keep all information on the web professional and up to date. In addition, we are in charge of video, photography, and social media for all events and gatherings.


  1. To inform those who possess an interest in our prestigious organization including current members, potential prospective members, the Baruch College student body, and even professionals.
  2. Use the latest in multimedia technologies to maximize communication & outreach by providing an interactive media link to Sigma Alpha Delta and externally to the Baruch College community as well as to our general audience.
  3. To teach committee members the importance of emerging technologies as well as give them real world experience with said technologies.

Vice Chairs

Vice Chair(s) of Site Administration: Seungyeon Seo

  • Ensure that website information is both valid and current
  • Ensure the website’s visual presentation is the finest possible while simultaneously ensuring that the organization’s objectives are also communicated effectively and fluently
  • Coordinate and update all information provided from the e-board, other committees, and other teams
  • Use social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn) to further complete our mission objectives and spread our reach to the general audience

Vice Chair(s) of Cinematography: Vince Parulan

  • Photograph, record, and document Sigma Alpha Delta events
  • Manage media-based projects such as photography, videos, audio broadcasts, and any interactive media used on the site and within the committees
  • Use social media in accordance with the Site Administrators and Social Media Team

Vice Chair of Photography : Ivan Munoz