Volunteer Programs

Committee Goals:

Carlo Fervil - Chairperson // carlo.fervil@sigmabaruch.org

  • To raise awareness of the beneficial and significant contributions that volunteering has within a community as well as nation wide
  • To build an effective team that will uphold the value of volunteering and encourage other members of the Baruch community to freely give back to our society
  • To be a strong and visible voice that will work successfully with local volunteering organizations and lend a helping hand to those in need
  • To help build the leadership and management skills of our volunteer committee members



Vice Chair of Prospective Relations: Cristina Aculova

Vice Chair of Internal Affairs: Seungeun Lee

Vice Chair of Volunteer Advertising: Brandon Peng

Project Manager/Event Planner

The Project Manager/Event Planner is a position that is created mainly for prospective members of the Volunteer Committee. The person will work on a project basis to manage volunteering events held within and outside the Baruch community. This position involves coordinating event logistics, effectively communicating important relevant information to volunteers, working under deadline pressure, and overseeing the entire flow of an event. Since this role requires a person who is motivated, detail-oriented, and organized, taking on this position will give the person a taste of what a managerial role is like, give an opportunity to meet new people, and perhaps expose him/her to different career choices.