Public Relations & Marketing

Committee Description

The PR & Marketing Committee strives to inspire the Sigma Alpha Delta current and prospective members as well as faculty, to actively participate in all events. Members of the committee make extensive use of various skills in leadership, creativity, analytics and communication in order to maintain and elevate an established perception as an Elite Honor Society at Baruch College.


  1. To increase public awareness and retain a strong presence of Sigma Alpha Delta within the associated communities.
  2. To continuously reinforce the engagement rate of the Sigma Alpha Delta stakeholders in all planned social activities.
  3. To educate and assist members in developing valuable skills for a possible future career in marketing and other related fields.
  4. To help all stakeholders expand their personal and professional networks while gaining real world experience.
Ledia Gjoka - Chairperson

Ledia Gjoka - Chairperson

Vice Chairs

Vice Chair of PR & Marketing Committee – Ledia Gjoka

Design Team

Art Director - Dorothy Mao

Art Vice Chair - Tina Shen

PR Team

Public Relations Director - Esmir Deljanin

Public Relations Vice Chair - Xunqing Zheng

Marketing Team

Marketing Director - TBD

Marketing Vice Chair - Kimara Davis