Events Management

Committee Goals:

  • Plan, execute and evaluate events
  • Manage and utilize resources effectively
  • Strengthen teamwork and employ/ utilize everyone’s unique capacities
  • Continuously educate members on a variety of skills

Mahum Khan - Chairperson //

Event Planning

Vice Chair of Event Planning: Mahum Khan


  • Events planners have to formulate a blueprint for the event two weeks before an event takes place and has to submit the finalized blueprint to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Business and Events Chairperson
  • Must create the work schedule for the entire committee at least 1 week prior to an event
  • Responsible for spearheading event set up and event clean up, with assistance from People Specialists
  • Attends E-board meetings during Chair’s absence
  • Sends emails on behalf of Chairperson when Chair is unavailable to do
  • Help place orders and write bid justifications


Vice Chairs of Operations: Richard Ma, Rikta Hamid

  • Consistently takes notes during committee meetings
  • Takes attendance during committee meetings
  • Consistently monitors active membership within committee and reports active members to Executive Secretary at least once a month
  • Transfers notes from committee meetings, attendance, and active membership to Executive Secretary.
  • Manages the committee’s blackboard page
  • Must take consistent inventory of supplies before an event. Supply can facilitate this task
  • Create surveys before an event and monitor the progress of Event Summaries by Event Managers

Committee Positions

  • Events Analysts
  • Supply Specialists
  • People Specialists