Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications


Committee Goals:

     Elhadji "Moe" Sene

     Chairperson of Corp. Comm.



The job of the Corporate Communications Department is to obtain corporate partnerships and backing. We aim to secure speakers, internships, opportunities and training for our Sigma members. At first, we will be training members how to properly speak to company representatives and how to get them interested in Sigma. Then we would venture off to company presentations, club fairs, company dinners and other events a company may host where we will put our skills to the challenge.

Chief of Field Relations: Elhadji Sene

Chief of Corporate Research: Eyal Shahar



There are two positions in the department. The Chief of Field Relations deals with coordinating a team when we go out to speak to companies as well as conducting workshops which will better the communication skills of our members. The Chief of Corporate Research is in charge of researching corporate events we could attend by using Starr, the Career Development Center and other resources to find out about corporate events as well as notifying the department members about them.

Member Benefits

  • A improved, stronger, and wider network
  • Training in public speaking and interviewing skills
  • Instructed/Educated on how to be more professional and approachable
  • Access to unique opportunities and events
  • Improvement in all of their technical and soft skills