Career Development

Committee Description:

Cynthia Ragnauth - Chairperson

Cynthia Ragnauth - Chairperson

The Career Development Committee helps members discover what career path suits them best based on their own personality and interest, keeps members informed about upcoming job opportunities, reviews and improves the resumes of Sigma Alpha Delta members, prepares members for job interviews and professional networking, and assists in the retention of Sigma Alpha Delta.


  1. Ensure all members have a professional resume
  2. Prepare members for professional interviews
  3. Improve networking skills necessary for attaining a job or internship and working in the professional environment
  4. Inform members on the best options for finding a job/internship offered at Baruch College and elsewhere.

     Chairperson of Career Development:

                           Cynthia Ragnauth


     Vice Chairs of Career Development: 

                            Melissa Luna