Career Development

Career Development


Committee Goals:

Tyler Parker


  • To help perspective members discover what career path suits them best based on their own personality and interests
  • Ensure all members have a professional resume
  • Prepare members for professional interviews
  • Improve networking skills necessary for attaining a job or internship and working in the professional environment
  • Inform members on the best options for finding a job/internship offered at Baruch College and elsewhere. 

The  Career Development  Manager position in Sigma Alpha Delta was created in the Fall of 2008 to serve the needs of each member by supporting their professional development and ensuring their placement in committees that best utilize their talents.

The  Career Development  Manager assists the Executive Board in its efforts to explain admission requirements and recruit qualified students to become a part of the organization.

Within Sigma Alpha Delta, the  Career Development Manager is responsible for placing members in committees of their choice, based on positions available, and seeking solutions to any conflicts that result. The Career Development   Manager tracks each member, prospective and inducted, using computerized records and works to keep each member on track to full induction, graduation with honors and post-graduation employment.

The Career Development Manager serves to keep members aware of scholarships, internships, trainings and other career development opportunities that they may qualify for. The Career Development Manager’s ultimate goal is to help each student develop a healthy balance between academic achievement, employment, family and friendship, community service, health, recreation and personal / professional development.

Vice Chairs: TBD