We would like you to meet our members and prospective members for the month of March!! These members have done outstanding work within their respective committees and have been recognised for their efforts put forth within our noble honor society!

Name: Alan Feijoo
Committee: Career Development
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting






ariel ward.jpg

Name: Ariel Ward
Committee: Corporate Communications
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science/Economics 






laura martinez.jpg

Name: Laura Martinez
Committee: Media & IT
Year: Freshman
Major: Advertising and
Marketing Communications






Name: Demetra Papadopoulos
Committee: Volunteer
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Finance






Name: Yustyna Yaremchuk 
Committee: Events Managements
Year: Junior 
Major: Finance
Position: VC of Operations







Name: Tina Shen
Committee: PR & Marketing
Year: Sophomore
Major: Graphics Communication
Position: VC of Design








Name: Maksoom Zahara
Committee: Alumni Relations
Year: Junior 
Major: Finance












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