Meet Sigma Alpha Delta's Chair of PR & Marketing Ledia Gjoka, Chair of Media & IT Daniel Tsekhanskiy,  and Chair of Events and Management Committee Mahum Khan!! 

This week Sigma's Newsletter will include a short interview from a Sigma Alpha Delta Executive Board expressing their thoughts about Sigma based on their experiences at various Sigma events, co-sponsorships, and volunteer events.

This thought is from Ledia Gjoka. She is a Junior Majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Minoring in English. 

What has Sigma done for you?


Since joining Sigma, I have grown so much. My confidence has grown from attending our events and speaking with so many different interesting people. But I've also taken on a leadership role on campus, broadening my skills and even helping me land an internship last semester.

But most importantly, Sigma has provided me with a family in Baruch, which is hard in a large commuter college. I'm grateful that I can participate and give back all that has been given to me here.

Fun Fact:

Ledia published two short stories in an anthology when she was in high school!


This thought is from Daniel Tsekhanskiy. He is a Senior Majoring in (CIS) Computer Information Systems and Minoring in Psychology.

What has Sigma done for you?



When discussing milestones in life, it becomes essential to take a step back and reflect upon the people and environments that are part of your life. Sigma is certainly one of these wonderful and supportive environments that you really can’t appreciate until you meet the remarkable people that are part of this organization. Sigma has taken me for a wonderful ride and I could not be happier with the positive changes that have concluded from my membership of this amazing Honor Society.

Thanks to Sigma I have unquestionably become much more professionally minded, my public speaking skills have soared, and have obtained numerous friendships that have become truly invaluable.



Fun Fact!

Daniel can juggle!



This thought is from Mahum Khan. She is a Junior Majoring in Economics and Minoring in Law, Theater, New York Studies.

What has Sigma done for you?


Sigma Alpha Delta has given me the opportunity and the courage to take up challenges and to become a leader. I joined Sigma three years ago as a freshman and in all these years the organization has become a family to me. I am thankful to all the wonderful people I have met in the society that have inspired me to become a better person and to follow my dreams no matter what.

I feel it is important for everyone to surround themselves with people that are positive and caring and I am truly blessed to have found that support system in Sigma.




Fun Fact!

Mahum has a passion for performing arts and has taken two acting classes at Baruch!



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