Prospectives' Perspective: Josh Hincapie

Each week Sigma's Newsletter will include a short interview from a Prospective looking to get inducted into Sigma during this semester. This will be the Prospectives' Perspective on their experiences at various Sigma events, co-sponsorships, and volunteer events.

This week's Prospective is Josh Hincapie. He is a Sophomore majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Why did you join Sigma?

I joined Sigma because it's where I've gotten to meet some of the nicest and most welcoming type of people. I joined a few clubs and this is actually the one that I stayed in because of the people that welcome you and try to help you through the whole induction process.

What was your favorite event so far?

I think my favorite event was the Alumni Mentorship Night. I got to meet some people who have been successful and were a part of Sigma so they became my motivation to do the same.

Have you met or made friends with someone interesting?

One of the people I have met is actually a prospective. His name is Jamal. he's one of the nicest guys  and is always willing to help me out in anything I need. Jamal is a CIS Major, he loves sports and he's just a lot of fun.

Keep a look out for more Prospectives' Perspectives in future Sigma Newsletter!

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