Alumni Relations

Avi Atkin - Chairperson

Avi Atkin - Chairperson

Committee Goals: 

Alumni Relations Committee strives to obtain and maintain a rich connection with Sigma Alpha Delta Alumni through valued relationships. It enhances the legacy, pride and current developments of Sigma Alpha Delta by gathering knowledge of our history from our founders and builders. It honors the hard work, dedication, philanthropy, and achievements of Sigma Alpha Delta’s Alumni. Its goals include enhancing relationships with Alumni by obtaining more accurate records of our current Alumni and creating a standard for how we collect and find Alumni information in the future. The Alumni Committee is responsible for highlighting and drafting two Alumni Stories in each of our Bi-semester Sigma Newsletters, and increasing Baruch College’s awareness of our efforts to reconnect with our Alumni. It specializes in increasing Sigma Alumni participation at our current events, increasing sponsorship of Sigma by Alumni, hosting social events with Sigma alumni, and maintaining an Alumni appreciation webpage on the website.

The Biographies Team

Vice Chair of Biographies: Karen Summers

  • Craft organized and unique sets of questions that investigates an alum's professional development, background, and activities:
  • Conduct interviews in-person, over the phone, or via the internet
  • Write biographies (and other articles when called upon)
  • Editing biographies (and other articles when called upon)

Positions Available: Interviewer/Editor (Biographer)/Article Writer

The Historians Team

Vice Chair of the Historians: Otmane Tahiri

  • Virtual documentation of the Society’s historical significance
  • Analysis of historical context
  • Facilitation of converting information from the binders and other sources to the Sigma Alpha Delta
  • Website
  • Synthesis of information for importance and significance

Positions Available:  Historical Researcher / Historical Scribe

The Database Team

Vice Chair of Databases: Alexandra Chupanovskaya

  • Maintain an up-to-date and functional database that can be easily searched and queried
  • Obtain, verify, and, manage data to assure its accuracy and integrity
  • Keep alumni up-to-date on current events within Sigma Alpha Delta
  • Keep alumni abreast of professional and social opportunities relevant to them

Positions Available: Alumni Correspondent/Alumni Researcher(Database team)

Current Project

Historians Team: Work with Media & I.T. Committee to create an interactive virtual timeline of previous Sigma's Executive board.  

Database Team: Change files into new database system, and to create analytical graphics of current data to display on webpage.